Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT)

TMT brings together three thriving practice areas of practical application of science to commerce or industry (technology), generation and dissemination of content (media) and the process of information transfer (telecoms). With the advancements in technology, outreach of media, the growth in telecommunications combined with relaxation in entry barriers by the government and furthered by increase in access to foreign investments, these sectors have been provided the much-needed momentum for their rapid and robust acceleration. Innovation is ultimately bound by existing legal principles, and therefore TMT sector requires lawyers holding wide-range experience, willing to provide innovative legal advice.


Our experienced group of lawyers provide specialist in-depth advice extending to the full spectrum of TMT sector for structuring operations as per the relevant guidelines of regulations of this sector and further with regard to multinational media, entertainment groups, Internet service providers, e-business enterprises, e-commerce, software licensing, distribution, outsourcing implications on competition law, intellectual property issues, information technology and security, procurement deployment, full range of service agreements, network operation solutions, regulatory compliance, negotiating and drafting media agreements, direction and production team agreements, music rights, publishing, media dispute resolution, antitrust and marketing compliance, financing advice, private and public offerings, business capitalization, information technology and legislative challenges. Our deep understanding of the constantly evolving challenges these fields bring, helps us anticipate and advice our clients effective and efficiently and we believe we possess the necessary knowledge to maintain a strong TMT practice and work with you to formulate planned retorts.