Banking & Finance 

Over the last few years, rapid changes have transpired in the global economic, political and regulatory conditions. Our dedicated group of lawyers provide advice and representation to our clients with regard to lending and regulatory compliance, securitizations, payment systems, electronic banking, data security, risk management, negotiations in borrowing terms, acquisition and leveraged finance, bank advisory work/ strategic products, credit funds, derivatives and structured products, distressed investing, acquisition financings, asset based lending, cross-border investments and private equity. Our banking team specializes in a number of areas including corporate lending and loan markets, acquisition and leveraged finance, trade and asset finance, credit funds, bank advisory work/strategic projects, distressed investing and debt trading, lending to financial institutions, portfolio sales and real estate finance.


We at CKM partners comprehend the national/international challenges that are involved in banking and finance sector and believe in working in a high-octane environment involving efficient and innovative decision making. This experience together with our sector-focused approach gives us a balanced view of the entire market and leaves us well placed to anticipate and address the requirements of our clients. We are happy to take any form of responsibilities and challenges that may come our way. We believe we have a team of efficient and innovative lawyers and are expanding our practices with the developing financing arrangements.