Infrastructure Sector
Infrastructure is one of the primary and direct indicators of an economy of any country. The importance of Infrastructure in todays’ commercial world can simply be gauged from the fact that infrastructural development is an important consideration for any foreign investor for directing their investment. India is a young and a growing country, and its appetite for infrastructural requirement is insatiable. Another indicator of the promise that the sector holds is the FDI regulations around it.
The idea is to combine the strengths of both public and private sectors to efficiently develop and maintain infrastructure facilities. Needless to say Infrastructure throws significant legal challenges, which includes issues like business structuring options, labour and employment issues, statutory compliance requirements etc.
Manufacturing Sector
Indian economy has witnessed a major growth in the local Manufacturing industry. The government realizing the potential of this sector has also introduced a lot of reforms and incentives to give the local manufacturing units a level playing field vis-à-vis importers and foreign manufacturers. A lot of companies engaged into variety of fields from automotives to health care to FMCGs to cosmetics are looking at India for setting up manufacturing units even for supplies to jurisdictions outside India, particularly because of low cost of labour, special incentives for exports, designated special economic zones providing hassle free operations etc. 
Banking & Finance
The Indian banking sector has proved itself to be a robust and dominant segment during the global recession. India's financial market has also seen maturity over the last decade with major steps taken by the government in reforming the financial sector of the country. Banking and Finance sector covers project acquisition & finance, structured finance, extending loans facility, debt structuring, external commercial borrowings, asset reconstruction, asset securitization, enforcement of security interests and actions for recovery before various courts and tribunals and various regulatory issues pertaining to the area requiring exhaustive knowledge of the Indian finance market and its legal framework.
IT & ITES Sector
Technology has touched each and every aspect of human existence in ways and means that one may find difficult to fathom. Information Technology & Information Technology Enabled Services has come around to be India’s USP, infact a relatively unknown field for India around 20 years ago, IT has bought recognition to India at global level. 
With a young demographic profile, and millions of graduates and postgraduates being added annually to the talent base, no other country offers a similar mix and scale of human resources. One of the fastest growing sectors in service sector, India boasts of some of the finest IT companies in the world which are competing at a global stage. Some of the legal challenges faced in this sector includes, contracting, employment issues, IPR and related issues etc.
Healthcare & Diagnostics Sector
Healthcare has emerged as one of the most progressive and largest service sectors in India. With a growing population, India’s need for Healthcare is immediate and urgent. India today boasts of some of the finest hospitals providing world class health care facilities. The explosion of medical tourism in India is a testimony to this. With some of the finest doctors being assisted by technologically advanced diagnostics equipment India’s Healthcare sector is a success story.
Pharmaceutical Sector
Research & Development in the field of medicine, allowing of clinical trials to be conducted in India, effective IPR regime all contribute to make India’s Pharmaceutical sector a promising one. One of the fastest growing fields in the manufacturing sector both in terms of volumes and revenue; it also leads the pack of India’s science-based industries. With India’s increasing health demands and the increase in purchasing power and the sector is here to stay.
Retail & Franchising Sector
Retail & franchising sector include players in the following sectors: (i) Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG); (ii) Luxury goods; (iii) Health products; (iv) Furniture; and (v) Educational Institutions. The Retail & Franchising sector requires a number of compliances and operational requirements. Various issues that are to be looked into are (i) Foreign direct investment, (ii) Licensing and distribution, (iii) Real Estate, (iv) Labour& Employment, (v) Product liability and franchisor mitigation; (vi) Intellectual Property, (vii) Municipal Regulations and (viii) All related compliance issues.
Broadcasting & Telecom Sector
Indian Media & Broadcasting Industry has seen an exemplary shift from a closely held closely monitored sector to an expanded industry where private participation is leading the show. Wide acceptability of programs across different genres and a large subscriber base have attracted various international broadcasting giants to have presence in India. 
Companies looking at entering into Broadcasting and Distribution in India should be aware of the limit on foreign direct investment in India, requirement of obtaining requisite licenses/Permissions for broadcasting or distribution, setting up technical infrastructure, facilities for monitoring content, licensing from copyright societies, regulations applicable on tariff etc.